SG Tomatoes Today | October, 2007

Argentina assures food safety applying True Traceability™

Traceability, a choice or a necessity?

FQcode is proud to announce that two of his customers will be sharing their experience in assuring food safety applying True Traceability™. This workshop will titled "Traceability, a choice or a necessity" and will be held at PMA Fresh Summit 2007 taking place October 12th till 15th in Houston, Texas.

Since spinach crisis impacts last year on the US whole trade right back to the producer and the whole supply chain, -causing huge financial losses, and also presenting a potentially dangerous situation for the consumer- they have been making their best efforts to achieve food safety definitive solutions.

PMA (Produce Marketing Association), is working very hard, to generate, teach and promote new and best agricultural and manufacturing practices, to protect public health and rebuild consumer confidence.

As a part of a multifaceted food safety program adopted by PMA’s board at the 2006 Fresh Summit, this year, the annual meeting will includes a group of industry education workshops. Within them will develop the workshop “Traceability: a choice or a necessity”, an experience of two of the main argentineans produce companies, in assuring food safety applying FQcode’s True Traceability™.

Expofrut S.A. and Kleppe S. A. will show how FQcode solution, allows them -5 years ago- to enhance food safety, automates and have more control over operation, limits product recall potential and protects their brands.

This workshop will be hosted by Gary Fleming (Vice President, Industry Technologies & Standards. Produce Marketing Association).

What is traceability?

Traceability refers to the capability for tracing goods along the distribution chain on a unique identification number. Traceability is an important aspect in the food industry to records the history, processing or transportation of an item where it makes recalls possible and contributes to food safety.

FQcode identifies every commercial unit, (clamshell, case and pallet) with a unique traceability code, to guarantee quick and accurate access to all the information about source, process and destination of every product. Also traces 50M cases by year, which are exported to the world from Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica and Ecuador.

  • October 12th 2:45pm > Workshop. Traceability: a choice or a necessity?
  • October 13th till 15th > FQcode will be exhibiting its products and solutions in booth #4560, including live demos.

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